Machine Learning

machine learning

Machine Intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.- Nick Bostrom

What is Machine Learning or ML?

Have you shopped online? While you check for a product, did you notice, it recommends a product similar to what you are looking for? Or the person who bought this product also bought this combination of products. How do they do this recommendation? This is machine learning. In the below amazon online shopping picture,the recommendations are done by machine learning.

machine learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine Learning or ML is a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine Learning predicts the data using algorithms. An algorithm helps to make the machines learn from the data given to them. ML uses various statistical approaches for making predictions. ML has a major role in finding patterns; it can find various patterns in complex data given to it.

machine learning

How does Machine Learning work?

Machine Learning works in a similar way how the human learning. For example, if an image or object is shown to a child, they learn to identify and differentiate them. Machine learning works in the same way, input data and commands are given to the computer, from that they are enabled to learn and identify the object and distinguish them. The software is trained with the given set of data. For example, the programmer can tell the system what is particular object or image is given. The software receives continuous feedback from the programmer about the image or object given to it. This feedback is used by the algorithm to adapt and optimize the model. With every new set of data fed into the system, the model is optimized, so that it can clearly distinguish the image or object given to it at the end.

Machine Learning working flowchart
Machine Learning working flowchart

Classification of Machine Learning

  • Supervised Learning– “Train Me!”.
  • Unsupervised Learning – “Self-sufficient in learning”.
  • Reinforcement Learning – “My life my rules! (Hit & Trial)”.